So what is the best way to workout? Well the best answer is: whatever workout fits you! No exercise program should be boring or one-size-fits-all. You are a unique person with a unique body, and what works for you and your lifestyle may not work for the next person.

Training smart is better than just training hard. Old-school weight loss programs taught us that only endless hours of cardio at a low heart rate (about 60% of your maximum) were effective at burning fat. The latest research has given us a much better way to lose fat and build muscle. Including high intensity exercise in your workout, using a combination of strength training and anaerobic exercise, not only burns more calories in less time – it also elevates your metabolism for up to 72 hours afterward your workout! Shorter, maximum power bursts in your workout are very effective at burning fat while building muscle at the same time. And more muscle means more fat burning when you’re just  going about your everyday life. This is why it’s imperative to lift weights if you want to lose fat and be fit.

Athletes are a prime example of this training smart idea. Look at any pro or college athlete’s regimen and you’ll find that it’s extremely hard, but also well planned. Athletes need their bodies to perform at their best – and looking their best is simply an attractive side effect. Timing their workouts so that their abilities peak at just the right point in their season, while avoiding injuries and overtraining, is the pinnacle of a successful training program.

Unless you’re a pro athlete or a competing bodybuilder, you’ll probably never want to work out at the intensity that these people do. The training smart philosophy, however, still holds true. Because of our current technology, the Average Joe (or Jane) body gets a beating from everyday life: sitting in front of your computer at work, sitting in traffic, and sitting in front of your TV at home! If you don’t get up and move, your body will turn into a lifeless lump of fat and limp muscles! The solution: training smart to achieve your goals, combat your weaknesses, and become better at what you do. Being fit doesn’t mean starving and subjecting yourself to brutal sweat sessions! Being fit means challenging your body to do a little better each day, sticking with your goals, and changing the way you see life. Life was meant to be lived IN MOTION!


Can you write a weight loss diet for me?
Your trainer can give you guidance for eating healthier and acheiving your goals. In California, personal trainers are not liscenced to write a prescribed diet plan for you, but can refer you to a holistic nutritionist or help you find a registered dietitian. Kinetic Spark will always refer to a medical professional if there is a condition outside the scope of strength and conditioning or persional training.


Can my trainer help me rehabilitate an injury?
Though corrective exercise is often incorporated in your workout program, your trainer is not a physical therapist. If you have an injury that needs rehabilitation, Kinetic Spark will refer you to a qualified medical professional in the Santa Clarita valley.


How can I get the most out of my training session?
Remember that you deserve the best – both from your trainer and from yourself! Come dressed in sensible workout clothing that is comfortable to move in. Occasionally your trainer may have you do exercises in socks or bare feet to encourage sensory-motor integration, but to be safe always bring some cross training shoes. Also, some people may exercise well on an empty stomach, yet others need to eat a small meal about 45 minutes prior to working out. This depends on your individual metabolism and level of comfort, so talk to your trainer to find out what’s right for you.