I have learned there is no substitute for hard work and a consistent routine – and you gave me the confidence that “I” can do it!! Thank you for transforming an overweight, arthritic, unmotivated and sedentary 50 year old to a younger, active, happy and re-energized person.


Reba has been my trainer for many years. I started training in a vain attempt to look good in pictures for my child’s wedding. (We all know that pictures never lie and last forever.) Our relationship now is so much more. I have been with Reba well over 5 years (possibly 10) and I can attest to what a wonderful person she is, inside and out. She knows how to push me to my fullest without pushing me over the edge or to a point of no return. She is a kind soul and never yells out commands, but has a nuturing quality about her. She really listens. She has many credentials and years in the industry. She is knowledgeable about nutrition if that is up your alley. She can help people with disabilities as well as the professional athlete. She is my guru, my mentor, and I don’t know what I would do without her. Fortunately, I don’t have to.

—Faith H.

Love love love this place. Come here and work out in a safe, clean, welcoming, warm and supportive environment. I have had the GREAT opportunity to work out with two of the trainers, Reba & Erin and they are both awesome, and EXTREMELY knowledgeable about fitness, and body mechanics, which was helpful in my case, because I struggle with my balance, and they were able to provide me special attention in this area. What was initially refreshing was the fact that they built a personal file on me, with my stats, asked me about my goals, eating habits, & my activities. They customized a workout regime to meet the goals I set for myself. Everyone here is super nice and really, really supportive. Highly, highly recommended if you’re looking for a clean, fun, fully equipped gym, with a highly knowledgeable and awesome training staff to get yourself in shape, this is by far the best place to go. Surpasses all those franchise gyms where you are just another body. Sign up as soon as possible to take advantage of the unbelievably amazing and reasonable rates. I LOVE KINETIC SPARK…and I have no doubt that you will agree.


—Julie M.

I have trained with Reba at Kinetic Spark Fitness for years. She is the best personal trainer I have ever had. No matter your needs or level, she does a great job tailoring a program to fit your individual situation. NOT just another Personal Trainer with a new certification at the Franchise gym, a true trainer that has your best interest at heart. You are crazy to go any where else.

—Phillip T.

I love everything about Kinetic Spark Fitness. Reba, Erin and Ken are just great!

I choose my trainers carefully and what makes Ken Laing stand out is his dedication, commitment and knowledge. Ken is a talented and multi-faceted personal trainer who brings tremendous energy and enthusiasm to the workouts. He programs a ton of variety so I never get bored or “comfortable” and finds a way to make even the toughest workout FUN!

Ken pays close attention, emphasizes correct form and never skips a proper warm up AND cool-down which includes the foam roller and stretching. This has been essential in preventing injury and enables me to recover more quickly between workouts.

Ken is extremely organized, comes prepared and believes in tracking your progress. He sets challenging goals while providing the tools, encouragement and positive feedback for achieving them.

I’ve been training with Ken for 3 months and have taken nearly 6 minutes off my old 5k finishing time from before I started with him. Ken’s training methods have enabled me to consistently finish faster and set a new personal record in each of my races. I’m confident whatever new goal I come up with, Ken will get me there!

Kinetic Spark has so many different kinds of equipment – it’s like a toy box for adults! I love the fact their studio is private so I never have to concern myself with how I look or who is watching me. I’m there for one reason and one reason only…to get results!